Thursday, September 20, 2012

On With The Good Food Search

So I've been spending a lot of time planning my hubby's and my new lifestyle.   We are going to try a combination of 3 popular diets.  The No White, Low Carb & Raw regimes.   I have insulin dependent type 2 diabetes so I am getting rid of the main culprits that cause havoc with my body - white processed food.  So the "No White" & "Low Carb" kind of go hand in hand.  I love the idea of going raw but I know myself well enough to know that it is not something I could stick to long term.  I can, however, incorporate a lot more "raw" into my diet and that's what I intend to do.   So here's what I have planned:  Hubby and I are not big breakfast eaters but we both know the importance of eating a healthy breakfast.  I have already tried juicing and I do have to say after doing it for awhile I felt a whole lot better.   There are good things in smoothies that aren't in juices and there are good things in juices that you don't get from smoothies so my plan is to juice one day, smoothie the next.  One day off for a nice low carb sit down breakfast with my husband which we plan on being Sunday.  

Lunch will be about half low-carb, half raw which should be fairly easy to accomplish.

 Dinner will consist of a cooked protein, one cooked low-carb side dish and one raw side dish.  

Snack during the day will only be raw - so mostly fruit and vegetables.   Evening snack can be one low carb snack and anything else will be raw.

Ok, so that's the main idea but we've also added a bit more to it.  We are going green and organic.  Yes we not we are not doing it all at once.  I've been learning a lot of stuff and I will eventually be sharing it all with you here.  I have many reasons for doing this - mostly just to become healthy.   I am appalled at what we have been eating for most of our lives and it's no wonder I am so unhealthy and overweight.  It's all about attitude and choices and this time I intend to make the right ones.    Of course I know to reach my ultimate weight goal some physical activity is going to need to be incorporated into this whole regime.  So I have some very interesting stuff to work at. Everything from Aerobics to Zumba and lots of stuff in between.  My Wii is going to become my new best friend for awhile.   So keep watching my blog because there is lots to come!

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