Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pesticides In Our Food

Wow! While contemplating the fact that it is very hard to find all organic products in my small town region I stumbled across this website that has a "Dirty Dozen" list.  This is an awesome list that shows you produce that contains the highest and lowest amounts of pesticide contamination.  It shows what you should try to buy organic if at all possible and what would be "acceptable" if you can't find it organic.

They even offer a PDF with a pocket guide you can print out and take with you.   Pretty cool!

Check it out:

My thoughts are if I can buy it organically I will - if I can't I will just wash it really, really well.  Eating fresh and raw is better than not eating it at all - right?

I'm printing out the pocket guide and am going to add it to my coupon wallet to cart around with me.   I think I have found a year round, local supplier so I am happy.  I am going to check out our local farmers market - as small as it is I am sure I will find some of what I am looking for at an affordable price as well.

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