Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Too Busy To Get Started

Yeah I know a lame excuse - We've been too busy to get started. Well .... technically too busy and too broke.   The reality is that I have been postponing the diet change because I seem to have had it in my head that I had to do it all or nothing.  I had to switch everything over all at once. Which of course in the beginning is quite an investment.  Today if finally came to me - Baby Steps - I can start changing a little at a time it doesn't have to be all or nothing.  My problem is that I have this perfectionist mentality that seems to drive me and if it isn't perfect I won't do it.  Dumb, now that I am able to sit and ponder it.

So I have decided that my best course of action is to do the one thing that will be the most beneficial for my particular health problems and that is to start out by eliminating white.  Doing so doesn't cost me a nickle and will do me the most good.   Grocery shopping day for me is next week, so I have a week to plan my menu and see what I can come up with.  I will have no problem during the day eliminating the white stuff from my meals, fortunately both hubby and I love almost all veggies so replacing the starchy stuff like pasta, potatoes and rice won't be so bad.  I have also picked up a few low carb tricks to replace most of that type of stuff and still be able to make a meal that resembles a normal meal.  Here's where my problem starts - after dinner...........  

Hubby and I are both evening eaters.  We do not eat a whole lot during the day but in the evening we snack and nibble and snack and nibble.   This is where the sweet cravings, chips, popcorn, cookies, etc come in.  This is where our problem lies.  To say just stop snacking - well yeah right - it's not going to happen at least not right now.  It's a habit that is very hard to break.  So what I need to do is really plan and have healthy alternatives in the house that will fill that snack craving.   I have an entire list of items that are healthy and that coincide with the dietary changes I am trying to make but the ones that will probably work do require a certain amount of prep time and so it will come down to planning ahead and making sure we have the stuff on hand.

So here is my revised goal to start on the 31st of this month when I go grocery shopping:
  1. Eliminate "white" from our diet
  2. Add as much raw, fresh produce as I can
  3. Work on reducing evening snacking and keep it only to things that are healthy for us.
  4. Slowly switch over to all organic
  5. Baby steps to a "greener" household
During our switch to a new lifestyle we will be trying new products, recipes, reading books and I will be happy to review the products, recipes, books etc. and report how they work for me.   I'll be back soon!

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