Sunday, April 14, 2013

Yum Turkey! And It's Not A Holiday!

We had a really nice visit with my new granddaughter yesterday.  She is growing so fast.  Only a couple weeks old and has gained almost a pound already.  Believe me a pound makes a huge difference on someone so tiny lol!   She is so petite featured just like a little doll.  I would love to post some pics but have to get permission from her mom and dad first.  Some people don't like having their children's pics posted on the net and frankly I don't blame them.  The world has become a very scarey place and there are so many "predators" lurking on the internet it's makes me uncomfortable.

I have a few turkeys in the freezer so the other day I decided to cook one up for their visit.  I am a huge fan of roast turkey, I don't know why I don't cook it more often.  It seems I always wait for a holiday which is silly really.  I had also planned on doing "faux mashed potatoes" along with regular ones and low carb stuffing.  However, I was so busy the day before I never got the low-carb bread done and then it just seemed like a waste to make the faux potatoes just for me.  So I just opted out of eating the potatoes and stuffing.   Well that was the plan but I ended up putting some stuffing on my plate :(  .   Which is the reason I should have sat up late the day before making the low carb stuffing.  If it's there in front of me and there isn't an alternative it seems I don't have enough will power to just say no.   Thank God the dessert I made was low carb!   It was delicious too everyone seemed to enjoy it - even asked for seconds. 

Since I always associate pumpkin with turkey I decided to make a no bake pumpkin cheese cake.  I found a few different recipes on the internet and combine what I liked from a few different ones and concocted my own version.  I made it the day before and let it "set" in the fridge. It's rather soft because it is no bake and I was afraid it was going to ooze out everywhere once I popped it out of the spring form pan.  I worried for nothing because it held together very well.

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