Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Already?

Where did the week go? 

Having a holiday on Monday has really messed up my entire week it seems to have flown by.  The weather has also been playing nasty tricks on my head - lol!  It was actually very hot all weekend and then bam! It's cold and windy! The sun is shining on and off all day and looking outside you wouldn't know that when you step out the door you are going to need a jacket.  It feels like very early spring or late fall.  It's cool and crisp, which normally I wouldn't mind if it actually were early spring or late fall but heck it's almost summer and we've been waiting all winter for the warm weather to arrive. 

I've been contemplating putting my pool up but with all this cool weather I just keep putting it off.  What's the use?  You just waste a lot of chemicals to keep the pool clean and safe when you can't even use it.  I for one don't have the money to waste.  I know I will eventually regret it because all at once it's going to get hot and then we'll be racing to put it up and then waiting for it to warm to a temperature that doesn't shock us when we get in.  The neighbors have had theirs up and running for weeks now.  I am just not motivated yet.   There are too many other things on my mind at the moment.

Did I mention that my daughter and her family will be moving in for the summer?  Ugh!  It's a long story but they will be without a home for about 3 1/2 months which means they have no place to go so my daughter, her fiance and two children are moving in.   I love 'em but it's going to be a true test of grit.  My daughter and I get along just fine as long as she is there and I am here, living together is another story.  We don't see eye to eye on a lot of things and I have an established routine she does not.   I am a little bit OCD about my things.  Everything has it's place and I don't like it moved, I don't like clutter and I don't like people just leaving things where they land.  My daughter on the other hand doesn't care.  She could leave her coat hanging on the back of the kitchen chair for weeks and not give two hoots - me it drives me absolutely insane.  Mind you my grandson stays with us all the time but when he is here he has a routine.  He knows to put things back when he is done, he knows to make his bed when he gets up, he knows to throw the garbage in the garbage as it becomes garbage, he knows to push in chairs and scrape his plate before placing it in the sink.  He's an amazing little guy but at home he's totally different he does none of the above.  I guess because he's not made to and if it isn't expected of him he doesn't do it.   Anyway this summer is definitely going to be a test in patience, I'm sure you'll be hearing a rant or two or three!

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