Saturday, May 18, 2013

Is It Over Yet?

It's Victoria Day weekend here in Canada - the first long weekend of the spring/summer season.  This is the weekend everyone comes out of their homes. We dust off the cobwebs of winter and do what any person would do that has been cooped up in their homes hiding from the frigid, nasty conditions of winter - we PARTY!   Well some people do anyway.  Me, I'm not much into partying so it's our tradition to spend some of the weekend with family and have our first backyard bonfire roasting marshmallows and wieners and hoping the mosquitoes will stay away. 

We also spend part of the weekend hosting a garage sale.  Why we do this I do not know.  I think we must be insane. 

We spend weeks pulling out boxes and bags, wiping and dusting things off, pricing the items and then packing them back in boxes only to be pulled out on the first official garage sale weekend - the holy grail weekend of garage sales.  We wake up in the wee hours of the morning so we can pull out tables and load them down with all sorts of unwanted or no longer needed items.  We sit all day in the heat while hundred of strangers waltz up the drive way and then hum and haw, pick up, put down and belittle every item you have.  Most will walk away with nothing, others will buy tons and most will try to knock your price down to nothing.  Unfortunately, because you are so busy with the garage sale you have no time to cook so you send someone out for coffee and donuts, then someone else runs to grab some lunch and by the end of the day when you finally close the door to your garage you are too darn pooped to cook so you order dinner in.   You do this every day for the whole three day weekend only to find out it cost you $150 for all the pop, snacks, lunches and dinners you bought and you only made $100 at the garage sale :(   Yep you are in the whole and worn out yet you know without a doubt you will do it all again next year. 

Today was day two for us.  We closed up early and I am beat!  One more day and that will be it for the garage sale this weekend.   Looking forward to having some roasted marshmallows and wieners tomorrow night with the kids if I can stay awake long enough to enjoy them.

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