Sunday, June 16, 2013

Moving Is Finally Over

I am absolutely wiped out!  It has been a little over a week and half helping my daughter move. They are moving in with us for a few months until their house is ready and it's been very busy and very tiring.  We had to rearrange our entire basement to make room so they could store their stuff.  Then we had to rearrange 3 bedrooms in our house so we could accommodate them.  Which meant packing up a bunch of our stuff and trying to find place to put it all.  Then we had to help them back and move all their stuff and of course help them clean up the house they were moving out of.   Then once they were in here it was moving boxes here there and everywhere and unpacking. 

We pretty much finished on Friday and then I had my 3 month old granddaughter over all day Saturday and then the whole family here for Sunday dinner.  Ugh! 

I feel like I have been running non-stop for months.  Please bear with me and I will be back to blogging a little more regularly.  Things have been pretty topsy turvy here including the diet thing which is not going very well at the moment.  I've been trying to keep the carbs to a minimum or almost non-existent but it's proven to be terribly difficult this month.  Sooner or later I will get myself on track it seems that my life has been taking huge dips and dives this past year.  I just want to get some type of normalcy but it doesn't seem to be happening.  Ugh!!!!

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