Monday, September 23, 2013

15 Favorite Low Carb Halloween Recipes

Below you will find what I have rated my "15 Favorite Low Carb Halloween Recipes" .  These are also some of my favorite sites to visit.   Since these are not my own recipes I have linked you to the blogs from which they originated. 

1. Halloween Pizza - Your Lighter Side Blog

2 . Low Carb Holiday Cut-Out Cookies - All Day I Dream About Food Blog

3. Truly Low Carb Monster Lady Finger Cookies - She Knows

4. Halloween Jello-Type Jigglers - Your Lighter Side Blog

5. Meringue Ghosts - The Rogue Cookie Blog

6.   Deviled Egg Demon Eyeballs - The Rogue Cookie

7. Halloween Guacamole - Halloween With Modern Mom

Make sure you use low carb crackers or nachos
 8.  Pumpkin Shaped Crudites - The Rogue Cookie Blog

9. Worms - The Rogue Cookie Blog

These are brilliant - they look so real!

10. Cold Cut Platter With Meat Head - The Rogue Cookie Blog 

I Love This Blog!  Awesome!

11.  Cheesy Mummy - The Rogue Cookie

12.  Halloween Eyeball Appetizer - Taste Of Home

13. Halloween Spread - Low-Carb, So Simple Blog

14.  Zombie Hand Meatloaf - The Rogue Cookie 

15. Severed Fingers - The Rogue Cookie 

Well that's my list!  These are awesome recipes for any Halloween get together but even more awesome because they are low-carb! I hope you enjoyed visiting some of my favorite sites and had time to check them out.  Do you have any low-carb Halloween recipes to share?  Leave a comment and share them!

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