Sunday, September 15, 2013

Finally Found A Decent Bread!

  I am extremely carb sensitive especially when it comes to simple carbs.  I have adopted a no "white" regime that is starting to work for me.   However,  giving up bread has been extremely difficult for me.  Not being able to make a sandwich has been the most difficult part of the process for me.

I have spent months and months trying different low-carb bread recipes and alternatives some were okay, some were terrible but none really worked for me.  Firstly, the ingredients become very costly and with my very low food budget almost impossible to maintain.  I have checked out the "low-carb" alternatives on many of the low-carb grocery sites.  Yes there are many brands but ..... they all contain enriched white flour - ugh!!  They also cost somewhere around $6 a loaf!   

So here is what I found - and yes the carb count is fairly high - but keep in mind that the count is for two slices.  Also keep in mind that there are no simple carbs in the ingredients.  The type of carbs this bread contains are very slowly absorbed.  It does raise my blood sugar but it does not spike it!  Eureeka!  Finally!

Stonemill Bakehouse Organic Spelt Bread

Here's the nutrition label: 

Here is the ingredient list:

From The Website:

The texture of spelt bread is similar to whole wheat. The flavour is slightly nutty and hearty. Spelt, an ancient unhybridized grain, is the mother grain of wheat. It is often tolerated by people who otherwise cannot tolerate wheat. Nutritionally, spelt is higher in protein than wheat.
  • Certified Organic by Pro-Cert
  • Low in fat
  • High source of fibre
  • Free of artificial additives and preservatives
  • No added fat, sugar, dairy, or soy

This bread is available at my local Canadian Superstore as well as the rest of the Stonemill Bakehouse line of breads.   It's a little smaller in size than a normal slice of white sandwich bread but that is fine with me.  I can still make a sandwich and guess what it tastes good!  It tastes like a high quality piece of multigrain bread.  The texture is great, the taste is great, the list of ingredients is oober healthy and it's certified organic!  Yes I am excited!  I found this is my local grocery store and I am ecstatic.  My body tolerates this bread very well.  I do not get the huge blood sugar spike I am used to getting.  I can once again enjoy a sandwich and a delicious piece of bread that won't kill me!  I have tried it both toasted and un-toasted and I love it either way.  It is of course a bit chewier than your standard slice of white bread but with all the grains that is to be expected.  I really like it when I can eat something that tastes good and is actually healthy for you to.

Just for those of you who may think otherwise no I am not doing a review for the company or am I being paid to post this - lol!  I just found something that works well for me - it may also work for others and it may not.  Each persons body is different and reacts differently to things.   In my opinion, and I don't care what some medical experts say - a carb is a carb - is so not true.  My body reacts to and uses different types of carbs differently.  Some carbs can kill me and other carbs can heal me.  Just saying!

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