Sunday, October 13, 2013

Big & Rich at Norfolk County Fair

We spent the entire day at the Norfolk County Fair & Horse Show on Friday.  It was my grandson's 7th birthday so Papa and I decided to give him a day at the fair as his birthday gift.   He was so excited when we arrived because he had no idea we were going.  He thought we were going to the pumpkin patch - lol!

I purchased admission tickets and a "ride all day" bracelet in advance.  Thank goodness because that's exactly what he did he "rode all day".   I went on a few rides with him too!  

We had some awesome fair food (yes I went off my eating plan.  I deserve a treat once in awhile) and then Papa took up residence on the bleachers to hold down our spot for the Big & Rich Concert.   He sat there for over 3 hours just so we would have a good view.  I've seen them in concert before and they put on an amazing show!

Here's a pic from my favorite local paper Snapd- it's nothing but amazing photos of events around the community.  They also have a community calendar on their site that keeps me up to date with all the happenings in the area. 

I only took a couple photos because we were seated on the bleachers and kind of packed in a little too tight.  So I wasn't able to comfortably or easily use my camera.  Here's one that turned out not too bad.


My only disappointment with the concert was that they did not play my favorite song.  This is the second concert of theirs that I have been to that they haven't played it. I was so upset because I really love this song.  It has special meaning for me as I'm sure it does for many people.  We all have our private pain and suffering and we've all been through many things in our life where we wish someone would just come and sweep us off our feet and take us away from it all.   


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