Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Treasured Tuesday - 25 Simple Fall Crafts

In keeping with my "theme" days.  I'm going to do Treasured Tuesdays.  That's where I will post a collection of my favorite items - it could be recipes, crafts, decor, tips etc.   It will essentially just be links to things I really like and have collected all over the web.  I do not take credit for any of these and each collection will link to the pages I found them on. 

This week is going to be:

25 Simple Fall Crafts

These are all awesome crafts and most are super simple and fairly inexpensive.  Most are also "why didn't I think of that" as well - lol!  Don't forget to check out the rest of the sites when you visit - believe me some of the bloggers have content that will keep you there for hours!

1. Metallic Copper Leaves


2.  Wrapped White Pumpkins

3. Acorn Napkin Rings

4. Festive Fall Globe Centerpieces

5. Unique Paper Pumpkin Centerpiece

6. Pumpkin Centerpiece 

7. Vintage Paper Leaf Wreath

8. Gourd Bowls

9.  Cozy Glow

10.  Fall In A Jar

 11.  Monogrammed Pumpkins

12.  Creative Candle-holders

13.  Sunburst Wreath

14. Button Boo Pumpkin

15.  Candy Corn Pumpkins

16.  Circle Of Orange

17.  Halloween Glitter Pumpkin Topiary

18.  Fall Leaf Mason Jar

19.  Tabletop Pumpkin Topiary

20.   Pumpkin Candle Centerpiece

21.  Vintage Doily Pumpkins

22.  Paper Leaves On White Pumpkin

23.  Washi Plaid Pumpkins

24.  Fence Post Pumpkins

25.  Dollar Store Fall Wreath

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