Saturday, January 4, 2014

Belated Happy New Year!

Well I am off to a bad start!  My one and only New Year's resolution was to be more consistent with my blogging.   Yeah .... something I definitely need to work on.  Ugh!  I am hoping to be a little more productive and bring in some worthwhile interesting content as well as keep you up to date on my trials and tribulations.  I am also trying to decide whether or not I will return to doing product reviews and giveaways or not.  

Doing product reviews is WORK despite what you may think.  Firstly there is the time and effort you must put in to getting your blog up to par.  You need a specific amount of readership in order to bring those good products in to review.  You also need to keep that readership.  Ideally you also must be a member of a wide array of websites where you can submit your reviews and giveaways to bring in the people.  The products don't just fall into your lap either you have to spend considerable time looking for products, hunting down the contacts and then pitching the companies letting them know why they should choose you to review their product.  Reviewing the products also requires a fair bit of organization.  You need to keep everything in order and then review the product, then post that review in a timely matter.  Hopefully the product is a good one and you don't disappoint the company with your review, but you do have to be honest or what kind of reviewer would you be.  You may end up loosing that company as a client but you will gain the trust of your readers.  I did reviews for a few years and it all just got to be a bit to much for me with my failing health and other family obligations.  It became stressful and got to the point where I was not enjoying it anymore.  

I really loved doing it for the first couple years though.  I enjoyed the interaction between my blog and my readers and it was a lot of fun trying out new products and introducing those new products to everyone.   I felt great to be a part of something where my opinion actually mattered and I took it very seriously.  Which is why I eventually just had to let it go :(.   It was a little too successful, I bit off more than I could chew and had more products coming in than I could comfortably keep up with and still maintain a life outside of the reviews and giveaways.  I was under so much pressure to get those product reviews out and that's all I was doing.  At the time I should have considered bringing in a partner or two and divvy up the products.  The thought had crossed my mind but I didn't want to tarnish my good reputation with my readers by bringing in someone if I wasn't sure they would be 100% honest.  I promised my readers honest product reviews and that's what I wanted to give them.  So I decided since I wasn't able to keep up, I'd just give it up. 

It's been a few years now since I gave up my review blog.  I have struggled with regaining my health and continuously mounting family turmoil.  I've tried to pull my head above water after loosing my son a little over a year ago and although I'm still treading water I think I've made some progress.  My health still isn't the greatest and is my top priority.  I still have major problems that need to be dealt with at home but I'm working through those too.  The only thing in my life that is awesome and perfect is my hubby.  We celebrated our 31st anniversary this past month and I can honestly say I have never loved him more.  He has been the only thing in my life that has never wavered.  His love and caring has been there to hold me up no matter what.  I sincerely lucked out and count my blessings everyday for being given this man.   We've been through some horrible things during our life together but each and every one of our trials has brought us closer together.   He knows me better than anyone else in the world, sometimes better than I know myself.  I trust his opinion which is why I am even considering re-entering the review and giveaway blogging.  He feels that when I was doing it I was in my element.  Even though it was a lot of work he thinks the time I spent marketing the blog and the products I reviewed is what gave me that lift I needed.   So...................  I'm thinking long and hard.   It is going to take a lot to bring this blog up to par and the first step of course is bringing in content people are interested in reading.  

What would you like to see ?  What topics are you most interested in?  Are there any questions you'd like answered - maybe I can bring in a pro to guest post?  Are there specific authors you'd like to hear from or see spotlighted?   Let me know what you're looking for and I will see what I can do.

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