Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Sweets: Healthy Low Carb Chocolate Recipes.

I have several weaknesses but chocolate is one in particular I struggle with.   In the past I have used sugar free pudding cups to help fill the cravings. Since I am also trying to live healthier and not just loose weight I knew there had to be some healthy alternatives out there.  So I went out on a search for healthy delicious alternatives to satisfy when those cravings hit.  In the process I also found some awesome new blogs to follow that I hadn't come across before.

Of course I am not saying these are things that should be added to your every day meal plan.  For the most part I am trying to stick with healthy, fresh, whole foods, lean meats, cheese, organic eggs  etc.  However, there are times when you get those nagging cravings or when a special occasion arises.  You can use these recipes and satisfy that craving without feeling guilty and falling off the bandwagon.  None of these will sabotage your diet but they will make you feel like you've indulged.

***One tip I have learned over the years is to make the food you are eating look amazing!  Put it on your fanciest plates, add a dollop or two of real whipping cream and whatever garnishes you can to make it look like a feast for the eyes. I use unsweetened chocolate curls, fresh fruits such as raspberries, blueberries & strawberries rolled in a little bit of sweetener to make them look pretty. Mint leaves, lemon & lime slices you name it, there are a lot of things you can do to make your dessert look extra special. This also applies to your everyday meals.  That few minutes of extra preparation is going to make you feel good.  It goes from something you've just thrown together to becoming something gourmet.  It always tastes incredible when it looks beautiful!

So here's the list I compiled.  Hope you find something that will curb your cravings and keep you healthy at the same time.  Just click on their titles to be taken to the recipes.

1.  OK, Skinny Supper is a new blog for me and this recipe looks yummy! The only thing I might change in this recipe is to use a sweetner instead of the honey.  The reason is that honey tends to raise my blood sugar. That being said it is so much healthier if you use the honey and if you subtract the fiber from the carbs the recipe is extremely low in carbs. So I am going to give it a go with the honey first and see if the high fiber brings down the honey effect.  This is soooooo way oober healthy for you compared to store bough sugar free pudding.

2. This recipe is for when I have my chocolate bar munchy attack.  All Day I Dream About Food is another blog I absolutely love.  There are tons of incredible recipes and mouth-watering photos.  I could actually spend hours there.  Here's her recipe for

3.  Here's another awesome chocolate recipe from All Day I Dream About Food.  I've noticed quite a few of her recipes use a sweetner called Swerve.  I can't find it anywhere in my area but it can be ordered online at The Low Carb Grocery. I'm not sure if you can use other sugar substitutes or not. What I love most about Carolyn's recipes is that it looks like real food.  I've perused a lot of low carb recipes and to be honest a lot of them look sub par.  If the food doesn't look palatable I certainly don't want to try it.  Hers look like something that comes from a high end restaurant - yum!

4. My Kitchen Escapades has a quick, simple recipe for a decadent dessert that is sure to satisfy when you are craving something chocolatey and creamy.

5. Here's another blog I really enjoy.  Healthy Indulgences has some incredible recipes.   It's blogs such as these that make sticking to your new live style changes not so hard.  

6. Yes another recipe from All Day I Dream About Food - I tell you there is a huge collection of amazing recipes to be had here.  One reminder make sure you pay attention to serving sizes.  The carb counts are only good if you actually pay attention to how much you are eating.  If you eat the whole thing in one sitting those carbs are going to add up.  I'm only saying this because this recipe is awesome and highly addictive.  Eating a few pieces is fine but if you keep going you're going to be over your daily carb allowance before too long!

7. Here's a unique but yummy sounding recipe from Living Low Carb One Day At A Time.

8. Now this one is an incredible treat.  One that is probably a little on the costly side to make but is so amazing that you could most definitely create it for that really special occasion like a birthday or anniversary.  From one of my all time favorite blogs I Breathe ..... I'm hungry.  This is so downright delicious looking I had to post two pics!  Yes believe it or not it is low carb & gluten free!

9. Back to All Day I Dream About Food blog and one of those recipes that I would probably over indulge in.  Just because I love the real thing so much, I'm assuming if the Low Carb version tasted even close I'd be eating them all up!

10.  Here's a nice cool chocolate treat for those warm summer days or just for when you're craving something cool and sweet.  Brought to you from another great low carb blog Splendid Low Carbing.

11. This tantalizing recipe comes from a blog called Nourishing Nantucket. It looks so tempting.  Would make a great addition to the Christmas or Valentines goody tray don't you think?

12. LOL love the title I bet they taste awesome!  I think as a few of the readers mentioned in the comments section I would add shredded unsweetened coconut to these - yum!  Found them on another new to me blog My Low Carb Road to Better Health.

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