Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Day With The Grandchildren

I spent an awesome day with the grand kids yesterday. Mom and Dad had some stuff to do so Papa and I were elected to keep them busy for awhile. We took them to our favorite flea market because they always love to see the animals and try out the samples. LOL! I was well behaved and wasn't tempted by any of the samples. I also didn't eat any of those amazing, tummy rumbling, handcut fries that we always get every time we go. I walked past the delicious mini donuts we usually grab as well as the awesome smoothie bar that serves up some not so healthy smoothies. It was then I realized just walking through the flea market how many calories we probably consumed on a Saturday without even thinking about it. We grab a little something here, taste a little something there and then wash it all down with a two or three hundred calorie drink - sheesh. Talk about mindless eating. We do this while we stroll along sampling the wares from the other vendors. Seriously, I would probably get my days worth of calories just strolling through the market and then to top it all off we usually go out to lunch afterwards. Of course that's exactly what we did ... we took the grand kids out for lunch.

We went to King's Buffet which is an all you can eat Chinese & Canadian food Buffet. What the hell was I setting myself up for? I'm trying to behave and eat healthy until I have my operation because this is the way I'll have to eat for the rest of my life, might as well start now. So I looked for items on the buffet I can eat. I settled for some delicious medium rare roast beef, mushrooms, broccoli & onions, and a really nice salad from the salad bar. I had a couple small thin slices of watermelon and about 6 grapes for dessert. I was actually satisfied with what I had and wasn't really craving any of the sauce laden, deep fried items I usually get. So it can be done, it just takes a little resolve and a whole lot of will power. So all in all I have come to realize that a typical Saturday could potentially lead to me eating two to three times or even more than what I should be eating. All without even realizing what I'm putting in my mouth! So when I tell people I don't understand I don't eat a lot and I still gain weight. Ah .... well maybe not all the time but there are definitely times when I eat a lot and my body isn't capable of handling it. I don't have that high metabolism that just burns off whatever I eat. My body reacts and says "oh yeah look at this awesome carb load. Let's just hold on to it in case she spends all week eating salad and grilled chicken again".

Sad but true.

I am proud of myself. I stuck to my resolve and the kids had fun. That's all the really counts in my book. Today I am filling out some more paper work that I need to take to my first meeting on Wednesday. I have to do a 5 day blood sugar reading. Post meal and two hours after each meal and again at bedtime. I also had to do a 3 day food chart. Writing down everything that goes in my mouth. They wanted it to cover at least one weekend day so I started it on Friday. Today is the last day I will have to record what I'm eating. I have to go for blood tests in the morning and there's a whole slew of tests checked off. I also have to have an ECG at the same time. So no eating after 9 pm tonight it has to be a fasting test. I'm pretty sure my blood sugar is going to register high because I've had a hard time controlling it this month and I have been sick with an infection as well which just does nasty things with my sugar.

 I will be so glad when this testing is all over with and all the appointments are taken care of. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly and I get approved for the surgery. I'm getting quite anxious about the social worker meeting. If just one of the professionals I see says "no" my operation could be put on hold until they approve me. That's a lot of power and things are based on first impressions really because these people don't know you from Adam and if you say one thing they don't like your future is put on hold. So you see why my stomach is in knots at the moment. It's been almost a year of tests and waiting. Now it's down to the final moments and one wrong word could stall you for months.
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