Saturday, July 25, 2015

Strange, Odd, Weird Dreams - Do They Really Mean Anything?

I had a really rough sleep last night. I just couldn't get comfortable and kept waking up. This is a common occurrence for me and by morning I am so tired that I finally fall into a deep sleep.

Unfortunately or fortunately not sure which, those are the times that I have really strange lucid dreams. Quite a few of my dreams involve myself and my husband in different situations but they always involve the same house.

It's not a house I've ever seen or been to before. This is purely a house my mind conjured up. It's a humungous, old, eerie, house that seems to be abandoned. In all of my other dreams about the house, which have been many. My husband I seemed to discover the house on a long drive in the country. We have toured the house and explored all the rooms which all fully furnished and intact. Except the third floor which for some strange reason my husband would never let me enter. The house looks as though the people that previously lived there had left in a hurry with drawers ajar, dishes still on the table and on the counter. Laundry half folded that kind of thing.

In the first few dreams all we ever did was explore. The house is huge, three floors plus a basement. It appears to have three wings and the center of the house is the Kitchen on the first floor, the family room on the second and not sure because I am not allowed to enter the third floor. The exterior has huge covered porches on each wing and is made of brick and stone. I don't really know how many rooms but it is massive.

Another time I dreamed that while exploring we found a huge stash of cash and a bunch of clues that led us to believe the house had once been used by the mob or some drug cartel. Although we never did find any weapons or stash other than the money.

In yet another dream we decided we wanted to buy the house and restore it to it's former glory. That was the last dream I had about the house until last night. Last night I had the all to familiar dream where my husband I head to "the house" it usually starts out the same driving down beautiful back country roads. Taking a turn into a hidden gravel lane that opens up onto the expansive property with the big old house set at the far back of the property looking lonely and gloomy. This time however the dream is different we use a key to get into the house - apparently it is now ours. We walk in and we start talking as we walk through the home chatting about we want to do to the house and rooms. When we finally reach the third floor my hubby reaches in a pocket for the key and lets me. On the third floor are three rooms & a bathroom. The first room is a bedroom very lavishly done up and in pristine condition. It's full of clothes and jewelry boxes full of sparkling jewelry, perfume bottles and pretty things. The second room is similarly filled with stuff and the third room is full of pictures, albums, records, an old stereo system and just tons of stuff. I'm looking at my husband and saying are you seeing this. That's when he finally sits me down and tells me that his family owned this place years ago and he lived there with them and a nurse that took care of his grandparents. He said the nurse occupied the third floor and she was also his girlfriend. He said the day he asked her to marry him and gave her an engagement ring she said no and left and never came back. He said he left everything as it was and closed off the third floor and never went back. After his grandparents passed away they sold the house and moved away. That's where my dream stopped.

Now I know none of that is true, not any part of it other than he did live the country with his parents and grandparents. That's where the similarities end.

The dreams are so crystal clear that I can see the knots in the floor boards and every detail of that house. I think it's so strange that I have hundreds of dreams about this particular house but have never, ever seen it before in my life. It's getting kind of freaky. I could probably write a book about the house and the things that have happened there.

I told my husband this morning if I ever actually do see that house for real I'd probably freak out.

Any one else have dreams where there is something constant in all the dreams? I just find it really, really strange.

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