Tuesday, April 27, 2021

So it's been a long time since I had the joy of posting to my blog. Life just seems to have gotten in the way. I had big plans with my low carb diet which becasme completely derailed and never ever really got back on track. So if at first you don't succeed ..........

So yep it's back to the drawing table and time to implement those changes I've been planning to make but never quite got around to doing. I am so unhealthy at the present time and so overweight it's just unfathomable. The health problems really don't help with the weight gain but it's not an excuse. It can be done - I know because I have done it before. Right now I am taking large amounts of insulin to control my sugar, and I do mean large. This is totally unneccesary because I do know how to do this right. I am super, super sentivie to carbs - pretty much any carb but especially those that come from grains and sugar and starchy foods plus milk. I seem to be able to handle small amounts of dairy in the form of cheese and yogurt and cream but not milk. So it sounds simple right just don't eat that stuff. Yes it is simple for a lot of people but not for an addict. I am the first to admit I am totally addicted. My favorites have always been breads, pasta, rice and sweets. My nemesis. For some it's perfectly acceptable and if there was any other way - I'd do it. the truth is I am very sensitive to these items. I could almost say it was an allergy. Even the ones that people say should be acceptable are not for me. Asmall bowl of stoneground oats will send my sugar into a high that I will have to fight for the rest of the day to get out of and it's usually a losing battle. If I were to eat nothing else for the rest of the day maybe my sugar would come down but that's not the case usually and it just continues on the up down rollercoaste all day. So despite what some people think and whether you agree or not cutting these things ou of my diet is the only thing that works for me.
My health is in shambles and it needs to be put back on the right track. So as of May 1st 2021 my husband and I are going back on the "low carb" train. I am on a very limited budget and it's not always easy to eat healthy but we are going to giv e it our best shot. I have placed my grocery order that we will be picking up on May 1st. I shopped for the entire month and won't have the funds to stray off the path so we are in it for at least the month. This month we have decided to cut out all the startchy foods and try and keep our carb counts moderate. The next month my plan is to continue on with the steps we made in May and then remove the diet soda from our menu. Another horrible addiction that I know is causing health problems for me. So if you want to follow along on my journey you are more than welcome to keep watching. I
'll be posting recipes I try, some days I'll post my daily menus as well as reviews on foods that I try. I may not post everyday and then again I may post more than once a day. I have no idea. It's been a long while since I've actually blogged. So we will just see how it goes.
I'm doing this blog mainly to keep myself accountable and to keep track of how things go. I imagine because of my age, my diabetes and my physical health that keeps me mostly sedentary my weight loss will be very slow but any weightloss is better than not losing at all. So that's where I'm at right now. I hope my successes and failures will help others that may need to hear someone's story and know they are not in this fight alone. I know that's how i feel at times because no one truly understands unless you are really, truly in the same boat.

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